The Tobacco-Free Policy

Research findings show that the use of tobacco products constitutes a significant health hazard. Committed to supporting the health and well-being of the campus community, the University has implemented a campus-wide Tobacco-Free Policy.

The use of all tobacco products and electronic smoking devices is prohibited at school sanctioned and/or sponsored activities or functions on campus. The use of these products and devices is also prohibited in all University buildings, residential housing, approved University housing, rental properties, grounds, athletic facilities, parking lots, University owned or leased vehicles, and privately owned vehicles on University grounds.

Tobacco use on University property is not permitted for educational or theatrical purposes.

The sale, marketing, and sampling of commercial tobacco products and any and all electronic nicotine delivery systems, such as e-cigarettes, are prohibited in all University buildings, facilities, and grounds.

Littering the campus with remains of tobacco products is prohibited.

The terms of this policy applies to all persons, including faculty, staff, students, vendors, and visitors.

For the complete copy of the Tobacco-Free Policy, click on this PDF document.